DISCOVERY CALLS:   Unfortunately Dr Mo doesn’t have any  further Discovery calls available for 2023. Next dates for January 2024 will be released mid-December onwards.

Dr Bruker is currently taking a step back from the clinic for the time being as she needs to take care of some other things at the moment.

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Welcome to Functional Medicine Wimbledon

Where nutrition and balanced diet helps you to optimise your health and alleviate symptoms.

Functional Medicine Wimbledon is a collaboration between Dr Daniela Mo, MD MRCGP, IFMCP and Lynda Mallinson, BSC Dietetics, PG Dip Diet, IFMCP that focuses on the treatment of patients by addressing the ‘whole person’ rather than an isolated set of symptoms.

June 2022, we welcome Dr Nina Brunker BSc, MBChB, MRCGP, IFMCP and Emma Little BSc Dietetics, AFMCP to our Team.  More information to follow soon…

We spend time with patients – listening to their history and evaluating the factors that can influence long-term health and chronic disease.  Daniela and Lynda are both Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners.

A new model of care

Functional Medicine is a relatively new model of care which is particularly suitable for the treatment of complex chronic diseases. Chronic disease can only be solved by shifting our focus from suppression and management of symptoms to addressing the underlying causes.

The causes of complex chronic diseases are rooted in poor lifestyle choices, environmental exposures and genetic influences. Functional Medicine is a systems-based approach that provides a framework and skill set to unravel the root causes of illness.

We encourage all our newly registered patients to see both Dr Daniela Mo and Mrs Lynda Mallinson to take advantage of the wealth of their combined clinical knowledge and expertise. Since the early days of their professional collaboration, Daniela and Lynda observed the best outcomes in patients who consulted them jointly. This does not come as a surprise: the functional medicine model is rooted in personalised nutritional interventions based on research and medical evaluations that are unique for each patient.

The ability to combine medical expertise with nutritional expertise is the key to successful outcomes. Indeed, the Institute for Functional Medicine encourages this type of combined approach for this very reason.

Patients at Functional Medicine Wimbledon are treated on a case-by-case basis, reflecting our combined philosophy of personalised care, whereby your Functional Medicine practitioner will assess all medical and nutritional history before any treatment plan is agreed upon. The functional approach can run alongside your standard medical management.

14B Merton Park Parade is a lovely mews building tucked away in a peaceful setting behind the shops and restaurants of Merton Park Parade. We are located close to the transport links of Wimbledon with all the benefits the local area has to offer.

Patient care is our absolute priority, so please do get in touch for more information about Functional Medicine, and how it can provide a much more effective response to the treatment of any chronic diseases that you might be experiencing.