Fee structures

We encourage all our newly registered patients to see both one of our  Functional Medicine Doctors  and one of our Functional Medicine Dietitians to take advantage of the wealth of their combined clinical knowledge and expertise. Since the early days of their professional collaboration, Daniela and Lynda observed the best outcomes in patients who consulted them jointly. This does not come as a surprise: the functional medical model is rooted in personalised nutritional interventions based on research and medical evaluations that are unique for each patient. The ability to combine medical expertise with nutritional expertise is the key to successful outcomes. Indeed, the Institute for Functional Medicine encourages this type of combined approach for this very reason.

However, we understand that for some patients a combined approach is not suited to their needs. In this case, we offer a separate solo fee structure for first appointments that reflects the extra time required to cover aspects of the initial assessment normally carried out by the other professional in the team.

A 15 min Discovery call is suggested to see whether Functional Medicine is a suitable approach for you. On booking a Discovery Consultation we ask for a £50 deposit which will be deducted from your first appointment with either Dr Mo and Dr Brunker. If you do not go on to book an appointment this deposit is non-refundable and covers the cost of time taken for the phone consultation. If you are not available when the doctor calls you for this consultation the deposit is non-refundable unless you cancel or postpone the call within 24 hours.

New patient appointments are typically on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with a 9.30 am start time. Full payment is required seven days in advance for a new patient appointment.

A typical Functional Medicine episode from first assessment to conclusion will require two follow-ups with the doctor and four to five follow-ups with dietitian  in a 6-month period. Naturally, there is much variation on this typical scenario, with some patients requiring less input, and some more.

Follow-up fees are the same whether the first assessment was combined or solo.

Prior to initial consultation

Initial combined assessment fee:

Total £975
FM GP: £600
FM Dietitian: £375

Duration approximately: 2 1/2 hours. You will receive a written Management Plan following the appointment.

What is included:

Payment options:

By using your secure patient portal
By credit or debit card
By bank transfer:
Functional Medicine Wimbledon
Account: 52561999
Sort Code: 40-07-30
Payment Reference: Please include your initials, surname and date of appointment

Initial solo appointment fees:

Functional Medicine GP  £370 per hour/ pro rata (typically 2 hours)
Functional Medicine Dietitian £275 (75 Minutes)

Follow-up appointments (after your initial assessment)

Standard fees

The first follow-up is billed at a minimum of 60 minutes. Subsequent follow-ups are of variable duration, and typically around 30 minutes.  Joint follow-up is typically around 60-75 minutes.

We encourage patients to book joint follow-up appointments at various points in their treatment journey, to make best use of the time available, and achieve better outcomes. This would typically occur at the end of a specific phase in treatment, when next steps in management are to be decided. Our clinicians will advise on when joint follow-up appointments are appropriate or due. A typical joint appointment lasts 60 minutes, as highlighted below, but could be longer or shorter, according to patient need.

Insurance company:

Please refer to 4.9 in the Terms & Conditions Policy.  You should check that your insurers cover costs of dietetic services, general practitioner, or phlebotomy services.  FMW will seek reimbursement, where applicable, for the portion of the clinician’s fee that is covered by insurance.  Please note that you will be invoiced for any remaining amount above such reimbursement.  In some cases you will be required to pay upfront and claim reimbursement from your insurers.

Your insurance policy may not cover items such as functional laboratory tests, supplements, and certain medications.  You will be required to pay for any such items not reimbursed by your insurers.