About Lynda Mallinson

Lynda Mallinson, BSC Dietetics, PG Dip Diet, IFMCP

My Background

I grew up on a farm in South Africa where I was greatly inspired by my parents, who were very keen on healthy eating and particularly on gut health. My father was always aware of the importance of fibre for gut health, and taught us from a young age to choose the ‘healthier higher fibre’ food.

As children we were not allowed sweets at home, and our treats were dried fruit, nuts and yoghurt drinks!  Only when it rained, were we allowed to share some chocolate, as a celebration of the crops being watered!  I was fascinated by the animals on the farm and their biology. I started to believe in the power of nutrition when I watched my mother healing from Crohn’s Disease through diet and supplements.

How I work

I combine my knowledge in dietetics with the principles of Functional Medicine, working closely with patients to restore health by establishing the root cause of chronic disease, rather than just treating the symptoms. I rely upon history and advanced laboratory testing where appropriate to draw up therapeutic dietary plans and lifestyle interventions

My areas of expertise include but are not limited to, the following:

General healthy eating plans meeting individual needs
· Elimination diets
· FODMAP diet (for management of IBS)
· 5R gut restoration program
· Gluten and Dairy free diets
· Low Histamine Diet
· SIBO bi-phasic diet
· Detox programs
· Insulin Resistance and blood glucose regulation – Cardiometabolic Food Plan

· Anti-inflammatory eating plans
· Anti-yeast protocols
· Low carbohydrate diets and mitochondrial regeneration
· Weight reduction programs (as needed for weight resistant individuals)
· GROWS_B treatment plan to prevent and treat osteoporosis

Training and qualifications BSC Dietetics, PG Dip Diet, IFMCP

I graduated as a dietitian in 1996 at Pietermariztburg University in Kwa-zulu Natal. I set up in private practice for a few years before coming to the UK in 2002. Initially I worked for the NHS, and then went back into private practice in 2003.

I was the lead dietitian working with inpatients at Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon and later took on the role of dietitian for the Cancer Centre London, where I ran regular outpatient clinics. I have been part of the London Rheumatology Clinic at Parkside Hospital since 2012.

My interests and hobbies

I have always loved being in the kitchen. From a young age I would spend my weekends at home (as I was a weekly boarder) baking for all our farm neighbours! As I became more interested in health and nutrition, so my interest in food and cooking changed and my challenge was to create appetising healthy meals. I gave up red meat at the age of 10, just never liked it, and so I had to learn how to cook more vegetarian meals to keep my diet interesting.

I have always loved cooking & entertaining, opening our house up to friends and family brings great joy. We were brought up on a tennis court as my mum was a tennis coach and to this day, I still partner with my sister in league tennis here at a local club in Wimbledon. Other hobbies include meeting up with friends, walking our dog, watching my three children play their various sport. As a family we are involved in a local church, and spend much time with our church family.