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Patient testimonials

‘In my early fifties I started to notice the effects of aging on my body, and developed an interest for longevity. Overweight, I embarked on a diet and exercise routine on my own (during lockdown). I lost 20 kg, but in the process also managed to create imbalances in my body, including gut function, and started loosing a lot of hair. I looked into functional medicine, and was very lucky that my research led me to the team at Functional Medicine Wimbledon. I can honestly say that not only has working with the entire team there, Daniela, Lynda and Jan, been an absolute pleasure, but it has also made a difference in my life. My health, both physical and mental, has never been better. I eat better, sleep better, and feel better. Better than I have felt in my thirties and forties. I am thankful for their patience and guidance. With them I learned how to take a balanced approach and how to eat a balanced diet. They also referred me to a biokineticist who has been great in helping me develop a much better approach to functional training. I can now run 5km, which I never thought was something I could do! The functional medicine approach is one in which I believe, and the team at Functional Medicine Wimbledon is absolutely fantastic in this field.’

Ms CF, Optimising hormonal and cardiovascular health. Longevity. (age 53)

Following many years of rheumatoid arthritis and related issues, my first appointment with Dr Daniela Mo and dietitian Lynda Mallinson reassured me that they were a synergetic team who would offer well researched answers and could deliver results. Following their excellent guidance I am now pain-free and the sources of my other health issues have been identified and are being treated. It has been an exciting, educational and rewarding journey!

Mr MA, Rheumatoid Arthritis (age 67)

“Having already worked with a holistic doctor for some time (in addition to a collection of NHS specialists), I reached a point where I needed some more detailed support in order to achieve further progress. Daniela and Lynda have been able to provide exactly what I felt was missing, with a team approach that has made me feel more effectively supported in my healing than I ever thought possible! I have been able to meet with them both together to go over information when a general review of the situation is needed, and touch base with them individually as required between these joint appointments.

This has been particularly useful as I have needed some quite specific input on dietary changes and supplementation as my needs have changed over time, alongside adjustments to medications etc. I have never had to waste time going over information on multiple occasions as they have always been on top of what is happening with my case. I have found both Daniela and Lynda to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, responsive and caring throughout the process, and between them they have helped me to reach what I would describe as the best health of my life. Further improvements are definitely on the cards, and I am looking forward to continuing my healing journey with their support.”

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On presentation, Mrs BB complained of tremors, sensory deficit on one side, flare ups of optic neuritis, weight loss & being constantly hungry, disruption of her thyroid hormones, constipation with abdominal symptoms, and high cholesterol.

Our starting point with our patients, especially those with autoimmune disorders, is to heal the gut with a tailored gut restoration programme. We carefully monitored and managed her hormonal dysregulation, we reinforced detoxification practices and principles.

Over time, Mrs B’s constipation issues resolved, her tremors and sensory impairment improved, her thyroid levels began to normalise, her energy levels started to increase. She has not had any flare ups of optic neuritis. Her recovery time when she has a viral illness has improved. Her cholesterol is in the normal range.


Mrs BB, Multiple Sclerosis, Coeliac Disease, Hypothyroidism, (age 43)

“For more than 10 years I had been struggling from day to day. More recently I have been bringing up twin girls, and with the symptoms I found life very difficult and things were not easy. Finally, I am free from this debilitating condition, and with the right information from Lynda and Dr Mo, I can continue to manage my stress, diet and lifestyle to ensure that the condition does not flare up again in the future. It’s almost 2 years since I was discharged as a patient, and I am completely pain free and have had no flare ups. Lynda and Dr Daniela Mo are miracle workers I tell you, and offer such a personal and professional level of service that I cannot recommend them highly enough. ”

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This patient had been struggling with psoriasis since the age of 27, and had been to see many GPs, a dermatologist and a kinesiologist, as well as trying out many of the recommended steroid creams. Methotrexate was used along with topical steroids, and the psoriasis improved for a number of weeks, with the exception of the scalp. The methotrexate was then discontinued due to suppressed immunity, as Mrs. DL picked up virus after virus, developed tinnitus, and her eardrums also burst.

This was a complex case, and treatment was conducted over a seven-month period, with highly successful results. When Mrs. DL came to see us in December 2017 a comprehensive stool analysis was done and hormone testing also took place in the form of a DUTCH urine test. The 5R gut restoration program was started in January of 2018, along with a six-week food elimination plan.

Anti-inflammatory supplements were introduced, which included Turmeric, Quercetin and Omega-3. It took three weeks to see an improvement in the skin, as energy also started to improve and the psoriasis was starting to heal. Mrs. DL completed the 5R gut restoration and continued on a gluten and dairy-free diet for a while longer.

It is worth noting that the hands often take the longest time to heal, so in this instance we used some probiotic wraps on the patient’s hands at night, which helped a lot. In addition, Mrs. DL began to use chemical-free products for her personal care, which assisted with the healing of the scalp.

Over the course of the seven months, the skin just continued to get better and better, and we were able to discharge a very happy patient with no sign of psoriasis, a stronger immune system, and much improvement to the anxiety symptoms.

Mrs. DL, Psoriasis, Asthma, Hay fever, Anxiety and Infertility (age 38)

“Thank you for your time and for the amazing information you gave me last week. My migraines started to improve from the third week of the plan. I now have so much more energy and I feel that my brain function is just connecting the dots, as it feels so much clearer. My spins are less violent and less frequent and now I am listening to my body and I just wanted to share this success with you. ”

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When we first met CJ, I had not seen anything quite like this before. At one point during the first consultation she disappeared from her chair, having suddenly fallen flat on the floor. It was a full five minutes before she got through her spin and we were able to continue the session.  She had not been able to drive for years and her husband kindly drove her a good 90 minutes to come into clinic. It is often in these complicated cases when we see the real benefit of functional medicine. Just two months into her programme and she is just getting better and better each day. With every update that CJ is giving us, we just keep smiling. From going shopping for five hours with her mum, to going into London to watch the Lion King with her kids, to dancing around her kitchen. Now she no longer counts days since her last migraine! The best thing of all is that she has been able to go on a skiing holiday with her family, after not being able to fly for 20 years! Just amazing! Well done CJ, we are so excited to be walking this journey back to wellness with you!


Mrs. CJ, Migraine-associated Vertigo (age 44)

“Thank you for the miracle you have worked. We thought it would not last more than a couple of days, but our daughter KR is truly transformed. She told me on the way home from the first appointment that she would not have listened to any of that from me, but when you explained it, that it made sense and that I must take her shopping for food. Now my daughter is eating a rainbow of colours, and loving all the tips you gave, such as: eating nuts in the car, and having yoghurt and granola with berries for breakfast, as well as eating stir-fried vegetables, halloumi and fish. You have helped to make food fun for her, and she has reduced her intake of stodgy food at school. For the first time my daughter feels slim, and now craves granola instead of crisps, and she is drinking so much more water, we are absolutely delighted, thank you so much.”


Miss KR, teenager experiencing weight gain, and becoming self-conscious (age 14)

“I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks to say thank you for getting my mum interested and passionate about food again as she navigates her way through a really turbulent time of her life. I am so grateful for all your advice and looking forward to the next session when she is out the other side of her chemo. Also, to tell you that we are now a fully organic family! ”


Breast Cancer patient (anon)

“A functional medicine approach has been instrumental in assisting me with my pain due to fibromyalgia. I felt the initial investigations were useful as Lynda was able to identify my nutritional needs correctly. Lynda is very knowledgeable at the cellular level and was able to recommend various supplements to assist me. The bone pain that I have had for years has now gone and I am sleeping much better. My gut is also working properly, and this is a relief in itself as well as additional dietary changes which enabled me to understand the value of nutrition

Lynda is gentle, patient and firm and has been a wonderful support to me in my improved condition. While the initial consultation was done in the clinic, the rest of the treatment was done remotely which was really helpful for me. ”


Mrs. DF, Fibromyalgia, bone pain, insomnia and gut issues (age 60)

“I have found Lynda impressively knowledgeable and supportive and the functional medicine approach (which involved taking a very detailed history) has been extremely effective in helping me identify and eliminate severe physical and neurological issues. Much of my symptoms were caused by gut disturbances which Lynda helped me to identify, as well as guiding me through an improved diet with supplements and a recovery plan. I cannot rate Lynda highly enough as I have seen some really life-changing improvements to my health and have been overwhelmed by the dedication and support I have received ”

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When I first met Mrs. HB, she was struggling with low energy levels amongst all the other symptoms listed above. She felt she could not begin her Lyme Disease treatment until she felt stronger as the treatment required a long course of antibiotics that would really take their toll on her body.

We started off by doing a comprehensive stool test to understand the current state of the gut. With help and guidance of this stool test result I was able to put together a 12-week 5R gut restoration program, which included a six-week elimination food plan. The patient’s constipation improved immediately with an immediate reduction in fatigue symptoms as well as reflux and heartburn which was also much improved.

I recommended supplements to help with mitochondrial support and energy production. With the palpitations all gone, the patient felt so much happier and less fearful, and progress was so evident that she can now go out at night and see friends, which is something she has not been able to do for a long time.

Mrs. HB, Lyme Disease with gut issues, Raynaud’s’ Disease, fatigue, exhaustion and constant sort throat (age 44)

“My experience with Lynda has been amazing! After seeing so many doctors due to having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I finally found Lynda who used her extensive knowledge to explain everything about the condition. Thanks to her fantastic advice and a lower carbohydrate diet, I no longer have any PCOS symptoms, confirmed by a recent scan which showed no signs of the condition, and my sugar levels are now well balanced. Lynda has allowed me to start this awesome journey, which began with changing my diet and significantly reducing carbs and sugar intake. I now live a much healthier lifestyle and have lost over 10kg, reached my goal weight, and feel so much better for it. ”

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This patient had experienced hormone issues since age 13, and also needed to lose some weight, which was proving difficult due to insulin resistance.

PCOS involves insulin insensitivity and resistance, problems with insulin signalling and also glucose intolerance. Therapeutic lifestyle change made a huge difference in correcting the imbalances as seen in this patient. We know that up to ten per cent of women experience PCOS and it is one of the leading causes of infertility. Early identification and management reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

More about PCOS

Elevated insulin is most likely the underlying cause, so paying careful attention to blood sugar control and insulin through diet can have a dramatic effect on reversing PCOS. Correcting insulin levels has a knock-on effect to correcting all other sex hormones as well, so periods should return to normal within months of changing the diet. Besides correcting insulin levels there is also some interesting research showing that an altered gut microbiome is significantly correlated with PCOS.

Research also suggests that disturbances in bowel bacteria brought about by a poor diet creates an increase in the gut mucosal permeability, with a resultant increase in the passage of lipopolysaccharide (LPS). This LPS is produced from gram negative bacteria found in the colon, and it enters the systemic circulation (blood supply) by ‘leaking’ through the gut lining. As a result, the LPS activates the immune system and interferes with insulin receptor function, driving up serum insulin levels, which in turn increase the ovaries’ production of androgens and interferes with normal follicle development. Hence, in some patients, we may need to look closer at the health of the gut microbiome and consider treating the gut as well as correcting blood sugar levels.

Mrs. VF, PCOS patient (age 40)
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