Become a patient

Your Functional Medicine journey

A typical functional medicine journey takes on average 6-8 months. It may start with a discovery call with Dr Mo, which provides the opportunity to set the scene and decide whether this approach is suitable for you. Relevant tests may be discussed during this conversation and organised where appropriate, so the results are available in time for your first consultation. Some tests have a turn-around time of 2-3 weeks.

Sit back and relax for your first combined consultation with Dr Daniela Mo and Lynda Mallinson! This is your time to tell your story from the very beginning, raise any queries, explore the root causes of your illness, and spend time tailoring your diet and lifestyle to your needs.  Please allow 3 hours for this consultation. This may seem a long time, but you will be surprised how quickly it goes! Many patients tell us this was the most thorough medical consultation they have ever had and feel like they have been truly listened to for the first time.

Follow-ups depend on your clinical needs. Typically, in a 6-month period, you will need 2-3 follow-up consultations with Dr Mo and 5-6 with Lynda Mallinson, but this may vary greatly from person to person, some people needing less contact and some more.